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E-Cloth NOW AVAILABLE AT United Vacuum & Good Housekeeper Appliance

For simple, healthy cleaning

Looking for a better, healthier way to clean? Try e-cloth, for chemical-free cleaning that leaves your surfaces free of bacteria and streaks.

The e-cloth is a scientifically designed fabric comprised of millions of fibers that actually remove dirt, grease and fingerprints from surfaces using only water. Super absorbent fibers hold dirt and liquid so that no water droplets or residue is left behind to leave smudges or streaks. This unique technology cleans and polishes without the need for chemical cleaners that can be expensive and expose you and your family to potentially toxic residue.

E-cloth works on glass, appliances, mirrors, any surface that requires cleaning. Referred to as ‘microfiber on steroids,” e-cloth takes that annoying haze right off the inside of your car windshield, leaving a sparkling clean window.

Be good to yourself and the environment. E-cloth removes up to 99% of bacteria and it is reusable and machine washable for up to 300 washes.

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